Day in the Life of a business – Personal Branding & Lifestyle photography – Ceri Olofson

Last year I started doing more personal branding and lifestyle photography. One thing that is so important for a business is the quality of their photography, especially now when we are so visually aware. I love to work with other business owners to create amazing photography that captures what they do and who they are. It’s about telling a story of the person and their business. We all love to know about the person behind the name so doing a Day In The Life photo session is great.

I have known Ceri for a few years and have been a huge fan of her cake designs. She really is a superbly talented lady. Ceri has also been busy building a new business, Candour & Polish, offering mentoring, marketing, copywriting and business support to other entrepreneurs.  When we talked about doing a Day In The Life shoot we wanted to show as many parts of her and her business. Her own personal style, her inspiration and what she does. A real lifestyle editorial feature that shares her passions and creative flair.


I very much look forward to more Personal Branding shoots and working with many more creative entrepreneurs to give them amazing photography to make their business stand out. If you are interested in a Personal Branding shoot, a Day In The Life session or beautiful Lifestyle Photography to show your products at their best, get in touch.

Thanks for popping by

Fiona x