An intimate wedding design inspired by ‘Tulip Fever’

The concept for this shoot came from Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. Her inspiration was the book and film Tulip Fever. The story of Tulip Fever is a love triangle between a Dutch Nobleman, his wife and the artist commissioned to paint her portrait at the height of the Tulip flower boom in Holland.

A still of the movie (a photo of the actress Alice Vikander in character in a blue dress by the window) gave Elizabeth the idea of using Delft blue and white as the main colours for the shoot. Having worked with Dutch florist Alice of All in One Season in the past, she knew Alice would be the perfect choice to bring the shoot to life. Alice used 4 varieties of tulips (over 3,000) all in white which she sourced from a British grower.

The chosen palette was Delft blue and white, as it is quintessentially Dutch. Elizabeth’s vision was for the florals to be clean, crisp and contemporary but with an organic feel. This looked was carried through to the stationery, cakes and even the clogs.

The location was Alice’s Dutch-style showroom and home which was built by her carpenter husband in a Dutch farmhouse style and it added to the natural and rustic opulence feel of the shoot.

We used 4 varieties of all white tulips, including parrot and frilly tulips sourced from Smith and Munson. Over 3000 flowers and bulbs were used. The stand out elements includes the tulip canopy, the matching delft blue and white stationery by Ananya Cards and the beautiful handpainted cakes and biscuits. Our model added the final element of the look, perfectly capturing the essence of our Tulip Fever bride.

A blue and white colour scheme can be very striking for a wedding and makes for a wonderful combination. Be careful not to overdo the blue. Use lots of crisp white linen, white crockery with hints of blue. It is worth getting the stationery right as this sets the tone for the day. Source lots of delft blue accessories online and use them in an unusual way.

This concept would make the most perfect intimate wedding celebration. A table designed to wow for a smaller number of guests.


The Team

Shoot Concept  and Styling – Elizabeth Solaru, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Flowers and Styling – Alice Calcasola, All in One Season

Props and Styling – Deborah Zwetsloot, Wedding Day Hire

Chairs – Rosetone Event Hire

Crockery & Tableware – Classic Crockery

Hair and Makeup – Botias

Stationery – Ananya Cards

Dress – Marco & Maria from Morgan Davies Bridal

Model – Lillie Bernie

Are you planning an intimate wedding? Are you a massive Tulip Fan? Do you love the idea of being surrounded by flowers for your wedding celebrations? I hope this Tulip Fever shoot has inspired you. If you love this, check out my blog for more stunning photoshoots.

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